When Might You Need a Transmission Rebuild?

Transmission trouble is stressful – there’s no getting around that fact. Luckily, not all transmission repairs have to be major. There are a number of ways to help prevent most major transmission repairs, as well as how to tell you may have one looming. The fact is parts in your transmission wear out over time and will eventually have to be replaced. Your best bet is to have a trusted mechanic in case you find yourself needing a transmission rebuild or similar transmission repair service.

What’s a Transmission Rebuild Versus Transmission Repair?

Actually, a transmission rebuild is a type of transmission repair. However, typically, a transmission repair will involve just one or a couple parts of your transmission that need to be replaced due to wear or damage. It doesn’t involve more extensive repairs to more parts of your transmission. On the flip side, a transmission rebuild is a more serious transmission repair that involves taking apart the transmission to replace all parts necessary. Whether it’s due to age or neglecting regular transmission maintenance, a transmission rebuild may be necessary at some point in your car’s life.

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What Signs Should You Look Out For?

Luckily, you can look out for a number of signs that you should schedule a transmission repair service. The sooner you catch a necessary transmission repair, the less likely it is you’ll be stuck with a transmission rebuild.

Difficulty Shifting or Slipping Gears

The first place you may notice difficulty shifting is in and out of Reverse. Whether you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission, this is the hardest gear for your transmission to shift in and out of because it requires a full reversal in direction. Transmission trouble could also show up as transmission slipping, or your car having difficulty staying in gear. Both of these problems warrant a trip to a local transmission expert mechanic.

image of a split transmission component

Grinding or Other Sounds When Shifting Gears

Car suddenly not-so-quiet when changing gears? In particular, a grinding sound when shifting is a bad sign for your transmission. As your clutch wears out, those parts won’t move together as smooth as they should, which can cause a grinding sound. Over time, this will gradually get worse and you may also notice difficulty shifting.

Check Engine Light

You may have a first instinct to ignore your check engine light. While there are some potential causes for your Check Engine Light that aren’t emergencies, it could also be a problem with your transmission. If you see the light come on alongside some of the other symptoms here, it’s a good idea to get your car to a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to help prevent a transmission rebuild service.

Keep Your Transmission Healthy with Regular Transmission Maintenance

The best way to keep more serious transmission repairs or a transmission rebuild at bay is to keep up with regular transmission maintenance. One of the most common underlying causes of a necessary transmission repair is low, old, or dirty transmission fluid. Keeping up with regular transmission fluid replacements or flushes makes a world of difference in the health of your transmission. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your proper transmission fluid replacement interval. 

image of a split transmission component

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